How does it work?

Our unique service is bespoke tailored to each of our partners needs and requirements. We go far beyond ‘databases’ and instead fully support our partners in addressing the genuine issues surrounding inclusion and access. For instance:

Crewing Up

  • Recruitment available at all levels – From Exec’s and HoD’s all the way through to trainees.
  • Working closely with Line Producers and HoD’s to identify roles within each department, with a focus on D and I priorities and the precise skillsets and experience levels required. 
  • Advertising roles across the TCN network, using our extensive partner relationships to spread the net as wide as possible (where appropriate). 
  • Shortlisting, availability checking and pre interviews for each role.
  • Sending concise and informative shortlists to Line Producer/HoD and discussing different options. 
  • Support of Talent – D and I will be an independent ‘port-of-call’ for talent during their placement allowing for open communication and any challenges to be addressed.
  • Support of Productions – to provide ongoing support throughout the placement to ensure the best possible chances of success as well as support ongoing production issues (sick leave, last minute hiring requirements, alteration of locations etc.)

Ongoing Consultancy

  • Single Port of call for consultancy/advice.
  • Access to a D and I consultant for enquiries and questions. 
  • D and I consultancy on current terminology, ‘reasonable adjustments’, ways of reaching a larger range of candidates for roles etc.
  • Support to keep abreast of current legislation and legality of outreach when engaging with under-represented groups.
  • Engaging with an organisation’s current diversity, inclusion and access departments to facilitate D&I programs and specific requests – e.g. targeted ‘Meet and Greets’, facilitating ‘levelling up’, targeted demographic talent searches, (for specific projects or ‘generals’), micro or large scale initiatives and schemes etc. (Directors Programs, WriterSlam’s etc.)
  • D&I Workshop/Consultancy for Production HoD’s/producers (Safe workplace, inclusive hiring, best practices etc.)
  • Data and reporting – Robust, ongoing reports highlighting progress and demographics of outreach, regular ‘check-ins’ etc.

Social Media/PR Support

  • Utilise TheTCN/D and I’s extensive prominence and trust amongst diverse demographics and under-represented groups, enabling ‘far and wide’ outreach possibilities.
  • Engagement across the whole of the UK with an internal crew talent pool of 27k+, a creative network of 60K+ (Outreach 600k Weekly) and Newsletter distribution (18k).
  • Connection to DEI organisations and partners across the UK.
  • Working with an organisations Comms/Marketing team to ensure their commitment to D and I is known by diverse communities and wide-spread demographics, as well as our industry through social media channels, mailouts, website, and our media partners (such as Broadcast, Deadline etc.) 

Permanent and Internal Roles

  • Support with advertising and recruiting permanent/internal roles e.g. development producers, accountants, receptionists etc. 
  • Assisted ‘Head Hunting’ for senior roles